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Wash the back of the chicken, cut it into suitable pieces and put it to simmer in a little oil and a little water.

Chop the onion a little bigger, the diced potatoes, then put them over the meat, fill with enough water to cover them and put a lid on the pot / pan.

Let it boil well, then add 2 tablespoons of broth, salt, pepper, paprika.

Season with finely chopped green parsley.

Onion stew

IIIIIaaaaaammmmiii.dar deocamdata ma abtin.
I hold back, I haven't seen anything, I haven't seen anything I hold back.

It is definitely delicious. I love the stew with lots of onions. yummy

:))) You are not allowed onion stew either. Poor you.
Ionix, it was delicious, how many onions I put in it :)

You made me feel terrible, so now I'm going to the kitchen to clean the onion: D!

:)) offf, these cravings. how do they make us cook in exchange for 3.: P SPor to work and then good appetite!

I kept looking at your recipes and you know what would be good? at least for those with potatoes, put some bacon that you cook at the beginning with onions. or kaizer, something smoked ... it's too late now, but tomorrow, I'm definitely making a stew, and a lot of onions and potatoes. si kaizer :)

Ingrid, I think you missed that recipe :) Because I have the impression that you mean something like to stay. What do you say?

@ BarbatLaCratita: I want to tell you that I have a very strange nature and because I don't get along well with carrots, I replaced it with bell peppers. I added a little hot pepper, and your recipe turned out delicious!
As for cravings, you are to blame for tempting us with these pictures.
Oh, I think in moments like that, if I had a boyfriend ... he would definitely thank you!

I like your idea, I had to think about putting hot peppers in the onion stew. But I wouldn't give up the carrot, for now we get along well :)
I'll tempt you with the images of the recipes, but be careful who you tempt with the flavors of the food cooked at midnight - at this rate, how soon they might have someone to thank me)

I made it 3 times after your recipe :)) not that I would not have done it before but yours has a different look. So I gave up the recipe from my mother in favor of this :)

Hmmm. not to read my blog and your mother, you risk being disinherited for an onion stew? :)

mda. (only my mother is now a star and she looks at me when I cook your recipes :) let's get over it.

I had found more recipes but I liked yours more. Here's how I find out that I also circulate on other culinary blogs but your recipe is more spicy and the idea with hot peppers is not bad at all, especially for those who want to lose weight. But I put fresh tomatoes. And you know something Robert? I would like to see how you recommend olive oil which is very healthy both in salads and in food. You see, due to pollution, pesticides and other chemical factors there is a tendency to we move towards a healthier diet, as much as we can, and we allow ourselves. Many greetings!

Carmen, if you've revealed yourself, now I'm trying to get used to the idea. :) And to try to become better, to forget about the other culinary blogs in the future and to make you become more sedentary: D I don't recommend olive oil for an extremely simple reason: I don't think it needs more recommendation, everyone knows that it is tastier and healthier than sunflower. From time to time, I mention in some recipes that olive oil would be preferable, but I do not want to scare anyone by adding it to the list of ingredients - unfortunately, olive oil is still too expensive for most of us.

Romanian rabbit stew & # 8211 is one of the healthiest recipes

Romanian rabbit stew

The low rabbit is one of my husband's favorite dishes. I admit, the first time he cooked rabbit was because I had never met this type of meat, and from that moment I started to cook it quite often. Among animals, the rabbit has the healthiest meat, is rich in protein, is the most nutritious meat, it has much lower cholesterol than beef, pork, chicken or turkey.

Ingredients Romanian rabbit stew

  • 1 rabbit
  • 1 onion
  • 2 pieces of garlic
  • 1/2 teaspoon buoy
  • oil
  • salt and pepper

Method of preparation:

First of all, we wash the rabbit well and remove the bloody parts of the meat, we cut it and we wash each piece once more to make sure that there is no fur left anywhere.
Finely chop the onion and put it in the oil pot where we are going to fry the rabbit, put the rabbit pieces, grind the garlic and season with salt and pepper. Be very careful, they are all fried at once, we do not fry onions before.
After the meat is fried a little, before covering it with water, put half a teaspoon of paprika.
Cover with water and let it drop, we will put water over whenever it is needed until the meat is cooked and fried.
It can be served with a garnish of mashed potatoes and pickles or a salad.

Ingredients for rabbit low Rabbit Sitting rabbit Finely chopped onion Rabbit ready to fry in oil with onion, crushed garlic and spices Rabbit covered with water Low rabbit with mashed potatoes
  • 3 zucchini (700 g)
  • 2 medium onions
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic
  • 400 g tomato pulp
  • 4-5 tablespoons oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • a bay leaf
  • dill

We wash and clean the vegetables. We chop the onion bigger, we cut the garlic and the zucchini into cubes or slices, of our choice.

Heat the olive oil in a saucepan and sauté the onion and garlic until soft over medium-low heat. Add a little salt, it will remove the water from the onion and it will not burn.

Add the zucchini slices and cook until they start to soften slightly. Do not mix excessively, so as not to crush the zucchini.

Add the tomato pulp, salt and pepper to taste and a cup of water.

*If you use fresh tomatoes, peel them and grind them in a blender.

Cover the bowl and cook until the pumpkins have softened. Do not boil too much, the pumpkins should be soft but still crispy.

When ready, add the chopped dill.

Eat simple stew or with a piece of grilled spicy chicken breast. It is absolutely delicious, good appetite!

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(5 points / total votes: 459)

Ardelean Ancutza 10 years ago - 14 October 2009 10:16

Re: Pork stew

Super good stew, and I made but with dumplings. I still have to wait until I have the device and then I repeat the recipe.

didi 10 years ago - 14 October 2009 10:25

Re: Pork stew

Ancuta, if you mean the dumpling machine, you can go to Selgos to buy it. I asked some friends in Italy to send me one and after it came into my possession, I was surprised to see the same device at Selgros and a little cheaper than the one in Italy.

Ioana 10 years ago - October 14, 2009 10:25

Re: Pork stew

Oh, I forgot to write to you, the galuscute instrument can still be found at Selgros, yesterday I was and there were about 6 exposed. it costs 21 lei

Ardelean Ancutza 10 years ago - October 14, 2009 10:34

Re: Pork stew

Thanks for the info. I hope it doesn't pass until next weekend. This weekend my sister comes home and can only go to Selgros next week. He sits near the train station, he is quite far away and in addition during the week he has a very busy schedule and he can't walk.

Ioana 10 years ago - October 14, 2009 10:36

Re: Pork stew

if I knew I would take it, but I didn't want to overlap with your sister to take two. if I pass this week to get you one?

Ardelean Ancutza 10 years ago - 14 October 2009 10:47

Re: Pork stew

If you are pretty, I would ask you two (now I benefit from your goodwill), but only if you stop by, don't make your way just for that!

Ioana 10 years ago - October 14, 2009 10:54

Re: Pork stew

ok, if I pass I'll take you and write to you so you know

rox 10 years ago - 14 October 2009 12:01

Re: Pork stew

What does this machine look like? and what can you do with it?

Ioana 10 years ago - 14 October 2009 12:05

Re: Pork stew

and you can make dumplings in stews or soups, in this way: [link]

salomeea 10 years ago - 14 October 2009 12:12

Re: Pork stew

isn't this from Brasov stew?

Ioana 10 years ago - 14 October 2009 12:41

Re: Pork stew

simona 10 years ago - 14 October 2009 13:15

Re: Pork stew

Your stew is very enticing and, as usual, the idea is. "Ideal" for these cold days, especially since I haven't done that in a long time. My husband doesn't kill himself for polenta, but this, with meat stew, is the only way to put polenta on his neck. Thanks.

didi 10 years ago - 14 October 2009 13:27

Re: Pork stew

Or with that machine you can make some spinach dumplings. It is an Austro-Italian specialty. They're insane. If you want I can give you the recipe

Ioana 10 years ago - 14 October 2009 14:32

Re: Pork stew

simona, on the other hand we like polenta, but we rarely eat pork, not that we wouldn't like it but it's quite heavy, so we prefer even newer chicken (and this is just me) and beef. you can make a puree next to it

didi, write it, normal! I only have the recipe for simple dumplings, but the green ones look so good.

didi 10 years ago - 14 October 2009 14:42

Re: Pork stew

At 200 gr of spinach, add 200 gr of flour, 1-2 eggs, salt, pepper, nutmeg and water so that a dough comes out, neither thick nor flowing.
Bring salt water to a boil and when it boils, place the appliance over the pot and form a razor (as we call them in Transylvania). Bring to the boil until it rises to the surface.
Separately, in a deep frying pan or pan, heat a little olive oil in which 1-2 cloves of garlic are cooked (remove and discard after they have hardened) to taste the oil, pepper hot dry, some smoked sausage (I put either diced fillet muscles, or even ham that I buy from Plus) and right at the end DORNA UHT sweet cream. Pour the dumplings over all this composition, you can grate Parmesan cheese, let it boil for 2-3 minutes and. GOOD APPETITE!
It seems a bit complicated recipe, but it is not.

ramisimion 10 years ago - 14 October 2009 14:49

Re: Pork stew

ioana, I really like your stew, I cook it on the weekends because I have more time. if I don't have Hungarian pepper paste can I put red peppers and cook it with onions?

Ioana 10 years ago - 14 October 2009 14:53

Re: Pork stew

yes, it works like that. then put a little sweet paprika, to give a beautiful color to the stew. can't you find any pepper paste?

ramisimion 10 years ago - 14 October 2009 15:42

Re: Pork stew

I haven't seen you here in the shops, you'll look for me if I don't follow your advice. thank you!

Ioana 10 years ago - 14 October 2009 16:01

Re: Pork stew

with us it's in the cora, in the jar, not in the tube as I bought it, but it's produced by the same company Univer. The pasta is called Piros Arany: [link] I buy the tube because I don't use it that much and if I open the jar I can't use it all until it breaks

I took my tube from an apron near me, so it's everywhere, but maybe because we're so close to Hungary.

ramisimion 10 years ago - 14 October 2009 16:33

Re: Pork stew

thank you very much for showing me the product, now I remembered it, I saw it in hypermarkets near horseradish also from the same company. I will buy and prepare on the weekend. Thanks again for the help!

Darvenia Darvi 10 years ago - 14 October 2009 20:00

Re: Pork stew

looks great tomorrow night i do too
thanks for the ideas

kiki 10 years ago - 16 October 2009 13:23

Re: Pork stew

ramisimion 10 years ago - 17 October 2009 16:12

Re: Pork stew

I found pepper paste at Auchan and cooked stew, the best I've made so far. pork stew, polenta and pickled donuts, a very delicious lunch. My dears, get it ready, it's great.

Darvenia Darvi 10 years ago - 18 October 2009 00:53

Re: Pork stew

good stew and I made but with red pepper, I didn't have pepper paste, but it turned out super good, I also put two bay leaves and a sprig of rosemary and a few basil leaves in addition to dried thyme

Claudia 10 years ago - October 26, 2009 1:25 PM

Re: Pork stew

I also made stew on the weekend. It is DEMENTIAL.
Thanks for the recipe!

raluca 10 years ago - 12 November 2009 12:28

Re: Pork stew

super I will do for the network

Persida 10 years ago - November 25, 2009 10:30

Re: Pork stew

my mother used to say that there is no way not to put lard on pork) but my friend was super excited about the recipe ... very good stew even if it doesn't have a bit of lard in it. Congratulations (we ate it with mashed potatoes)

Ioana 10 years ago - November 25, 2009 12:32 PM

Re: Pork stew

In a way, your mother is right, the lard gives a different taste to stews like this. but I think it would be too fat. In addition, I think the pork neck is fat enough to no longer need lard.

RALUCA 10 years ago - November 28, 2009 14:17

Re: Pork stew

vasile 10 years ago - 20 December 2009 13:04

Re: Pork stew

Hi! who can write me the recipe for the Italian salad that was found in the housewife in the years 74--75 in Cluj it was great, I haven't eaten anywhere else, so thank you in advance.

yuby 9 years ago - 9 February 2010 15:34

Re: Pork stew

I really like the way it is presented on that plate: d, the only thing k has a little oil

Ioana 9 years ago - 10 February 2010 09:29

Re: Pork stew

I used a neck that is fatter. you can use any leaner meat, for example lean pork leg, for a lighter version

ALLY 9 years ago - 8 March 2010 16:09

Re: Pork stew


emy 9 years ago - 14 March 2010 14:34

Re: Pork stew

Hi sh easy to do! : D

Alx84 9 years ago - March 26, 2010 8:54 PM

Re: Pork stew

I never cooked, that is, I made 2 times puree, and besides that I don't think k potato and egg frying is put. And today I also tried the stew and to my amazement it really turned out good. I'm so happy and proud of myself, it's like I got a high grade at school). I put paprika and red bell peppers, I don't really like spicy foods, and I added some sausages because I realized that there is too little meat (starting with polka dots). I can't wait to make my fiancé pope too: D.

matei.sonia 9 years ago - 20 July 2010 10:01

Re: Pork stew

Miky 9 years ago - 1 September 2010 22:41

Re: Pork stew

Hello Ioana!
Even though I have never written anything, I have been using your recipes for some time and they have worked very well for me every time. Right now I have a pork stew on the fire. In this way I want to thank you for your help in the kitchen. : - *

Ioana 9 years ago - 2 September 2010 10:01

Re: Pork stew

florina 9 years ago - 24 September 2010 15:52

Re: Pork stew


vlad 9 years ago - 19 October 2010 21:32

Re: Pork stew

show. this good: D I don't know much about the pope, yes, yes, this good: D I do it often. thanks from england

hellen 9 years ago - 21 October 2010 18:32

Re: Pork stew

. aoleo how the pork stew came out I don't really kill myself after the polenta and neither my friend yes with the stew I ate it's fffff good stew I appreciate your recipe. thousands of thanks from England.

Nora 9 years ago - 23 October 2010 15:54

Re: Pork stew

Hi, I also tried this recipe and it turned out super good. My husband wanted something that didn't contain chicken and steak and that's exactly what he liked. Plus warm and soft polenta.

Thank you very much for your help.

Agape Stefan Daniel 9 years ago - 26 October 2010 22:35

Re: Pork stew

It looks so tasty from the picture, I hope it comes out the same for me, now I'm at step 4-5 the one that involves boiling, I hope it comes out considering I'm a boy. I will leave my final opinion, the recipe is good and simple, if it doesn't work out it's my fault.

Agape Stefan Daniel 9 years ago - October 27, 2010 12:00

Re: Pork stew

As I promised, I'll come back with an opinion: I did well, I would give it an 8/10, only I exaggerated a bit with the spices towards the end). Thanks, I will try other recipes of yours. I would like to be relatives and invite me to enjoy the holidays to the fullest. A good day.

albu florin 9 years ago - 8 December 2010 16:48

Re: Pork stew

very good stew, extraordinary recipe I will try other recipes of yours. I'm a beginner and it turned out great. Thank you

Gabriela Huidu 9 years ago - 19 December 2010 15:27

Re: Pork stew

Alexandra 9 years ago - December 20, 2010 22:30

Re: Pork stew

I did too. It's very good

magdalena 9 years ago - December 29, 2010 17:57

Re: Pork stew

It's the first time I leave a comm on recipes, but it certainly won't be the last, I've been cooking for some time after your networks, although it would be said that a Moldovan woman knows how to cook, I admit that I run out of ideas. Before preparing this recipe I sat for about 20 minutes and salivated at the picture. so thanks for the was splendid. now that I'm back home ..
thank you very much and good appetite to those who will cook it from now on

Venera 9 years ago - January 13, 2011 12:36 PM

Re: Pork stew

Every time I cook one of your recipes I am pleasantly surprised. and me! Thank you very much!

emili 8 years ago - 27 January 2011 21:51

Re: Pork stew

You are extraordinary, it is a very delicious stew. Keep it the same. Thank you

Ioana 8 years ago - January 28, 2011 12:20 PM

Re: Pork stew

Iulian 8 years ago - 2 February 2011 18:56

Re: Pork stew

Although I don't really have them with cooking (because I'm a man) I repeated this stew several times, and each time it turned out great, because I made others marvel at my talent in kitchen.
You have all the respect from me!

Monica 8 years ago - 16 March 2011 22:49

Re: Pork stew

How long does it take to prepare it ?: D

ella 8 years ago - 29 March 2011 11:01

Re: Pork stew

I will cook this recipe acoustically, it looks very good, I hope it comes out, but I don't have that harisa spice, but I add paprika quickly.

ella 8 years ago - 30 March 2011 00:38

Re: Pork stew

deliciu came out and I will post pictures on my blog. increase cooking ..

crispop 8 years ago - April 18, 2011 10:34

Re: Pork stew

I made many recipes on this site, what I like most is that they are very simple and very tasty.

adrian 8 years ago - 19 April 2011 03:09

Re: Pork stew

The stew goods ... saved me from starvation. so me and alin thank you for the recipe ... whatever you posted.

mioara 8 years ago - 28 April 2011 20:48

Re: Pork stew

good evening I often make recipes from the internet and every time meow came out very good it is good and it is quickly prepared greeting cards

CristinaCrisan 8 years ago - 7 May 2011 02:34

Re: Pork stew

I'm in Australia, and I'm pregnant and I've had a craving for such a good stew for a while. I never made one because I didn't know the recipe ... I'll try it today. I can't wait to taste it ..
thank you ..

alina 8 years ago - 11 May 2011 15:44

Re: Pork stew

I'll do it tomorrow because it looks good, I'll tell you how it will turn out

sinka 8 years ago - 29 June 2011 12:57

Re: Pork stew

and I managed to do it for the first time and mine are good holes

Lidy 8 years ago - 1 October 2011 18:11

Re: Pork stew

Thanks. You saved my "family dinner." the wonderful stew came out! .
Lidy Ernst

fenescu cristina 8 years ago - 7 October 2011 13:54

Re: Pork stew

super stew. I'm in Paris and I had a craving for Romanian cava. Super

Alina Nicoleta 8 years ago - October 31, 2011 5:59 PM

Re: Pork stew

I made this stew according to your recipe many times and it turned out delicious because I never had pepper paste, I replaced it with chopped red peppers in a blender

Ioana 8 years ago - November 1, 2011 09:12

Re: Pork stew

miki 8 years ago - 1 November 2011 12:33

Re: Pork stew

kum to make a simple sous as nustiu

Ioana 8 years ago - 1 November 2011 13:29

Re: Pork stew

Roxanna Mika 8 years ago - 5 December 2011 13:28

Re: Pork stew

as I didn't do anything like 2 in the weekend, my mother called me and said "you have at home, a piece of meat, from the piglet cut in the country last week, to go and get it and make your food".
now, after rummaging through your site, I thought that this would be the most suitable dish, I will try to prepare it today and we will serve it with puree, because polenta (to my shame), I don't know how to make
I come back with impressions, I can't wait to get home, to get to work, to see what comes out

Ioana 8 years ago - 5 December 2011 14:00

Re: Pork stew

you can make polenta according to the recipe here: [link]

IonutM 8 years ago - 27 December 2011 19:13

Re: Pork stew

georgiana madalina 8 years ago - 14 January 2012 17:05

Re: Pork stew

bianca 8 years ago - 20 January 2012 16:57

Re: Pork stew

I make this very tasty and simple and fast food today

Daniela Danutza 7 years ago - 8 February 2012 14:46

Re: Pork stew

A cup of semi-dry wine must be matched

Marija Popovska 7 years ago - 18 February 2012 10:39

Re: Pork stew

Ioana, I'm from Skopje Macedonia, I know Romanian not very well, since I found you, I can say that every day you give me an idea of ​​what to cook. Tele recipes are original and from the time our grandparents, very sweet. Thanks.

Ramona 7 years ago - March 3, 2012 2:46 PM

Re: Pork stew

I want to congratulate you and thank you for your recipe, it is delicious I made it and I do it whenever I have the opportunity. My husband loves it!

emilia 7 years ago - 15 March 2012 12:08

Re: Pork stew

Faina rau. . . Right now I'm starting to take it. . . Dabia, I'm waiting to eat

reka 7 years ago - 21 April 2012 15:21

Re: Pork stew

I like pork stew but now I like it even more because of you, I was not a fan of meat but my husband has to cook all kinds of food

maricica 7 years ago - 29 April 2012 16:19

Re: Pork stew

very good try it too

Naspa 7 years ago - 18 May 2012 17:51

Re: Pork stew

dorin23 7 years ago - 27 May 2012 14:27

Re: Pork stew

Verdes Vasile 7 years ago - June 9, 2012 09:00

Re: Pork stew

Know that this recipe is great! I'm almost done, and I can't wait to enjoy it, we're at the picnic at Ocna Sugatag-Maramures!

Filimon Maryus 7 years ago - 18 June 2012 22:27

Re: Pork stew

Irina 7 years ago - 28 June 2012 17:48

Re: Pork stew

I had the spicy meat for about 2 days in the fridge, and I didn't have pasta. So I followed your steps, just because I didn't add any more spices, and instead of pasta I cut 2 diced tomatoes. It turned out great. Thank you very much!

eva 7 years ago - 11 August 2012 17:52

Re: Pork stew

I was super successful, I hope to be able to thank my husband for being very pretentious. I didn't put any more broth because it turned out quite colorful, I don't know how

iuliana 7 years ago - 4 September 2012 12:02

Re: Pork stew

very good came out. I added a few more spices. curry, basil and sage, but it turned out great. to lick your lips is nothing else

sandu duma 7 years ago - 6 September 2012 20:15

Re: Pork stew

I used your recipe and I made a stew in the cauldron and it turned out super good. in fact, I took 1st place in a cauldron competition. thanks

Ioana 7 years ago - 7 September 2012 09:47

Re: Pork stew

diana dunca 7 years ago - 23 October 2012 17:07

Re: Pork stew

it's delicious. give it a try.

alexandra 7 years ago - 8 November 2012 12:12

Re: Pork stew

I hope Sami comes out as in the picture
the house catches my in-laws when they come home from work

One 7 years ago - November 23, 2012 1:46 PM

Re: Pork stew

You are never tired of gentlemen and ladies with so many necks. Rather than lard, put boneless and defatted chops and add 100g of butter

dany 7 years ago - 12 January 2013 16:36

Re: Pork stew

is great with us in the jiului valley and is adored thank you

Chef Chef 7 years ago - 13 January 2013 09:36

Re: Pork stew

I have a piece of fresh fat-free meat that has never been frozen. I will add two more bay leaves, and instead of pepper paste I will add 2 red donuts and hot peppers grown at home, naughty, I will add 1/4 teaspoon of basil. I'll serve it with polenta. It's going to be epic. Good recipe

Vuta Andreea Adriana 6 years ago - 30 January 2013 11:46

Re: Pork stew

The stew according to your recipe is very good, my husband appreciates it every time. Thank you for the recipes!

Camelia Danci 6 years ago - 6 March 2013 00:11

Re: Pork stew

tomorrow I will try to do.

Horia 6 years ago - 16 March 2013 21:33

Re: Pork stew

I tried this recipe with some rice earlier, and it turned out great! Simple, fast I recommend!

ioana 6 years ago - 13 May 2013 20:28

Re: Pork stew

Walther Gabriella 6 years ago - 29 May 2013 18:54

Re: Pork stew

I first made this recipe 4 months ago, and since then there is not a week to not include it in our weekly menu. I recommend it to every housewife!

Ibrail 6 years ago - 17 September 2013 16:14

Re: Pork stew

They go very well and 2-3 potatoes, pink, cut into cubes!

AlexandraM 5 years ago - January 25, 2014 5:30 p.m.

Re: Pork stew

Super hard stew. I'm not in the mood. but I'm always trying to do new things. So today I tried the recipe so puree. It turned out really good. Thanks for the recipe. Greetings from Tg Mures.

Tiz 5 years ago - 28 January 2014 15:26

ixatilim 5 years ago - 28 January 2014 20:13

Re: Pork stew

I read your recipe, it seems very easy to make and very tasty. Right now I'm preparing it. Thank you

Paul 5 years ago - 24 February 2014 18:08

Re: Pork stew

This super flour recipe combined with polenta. I hope to catch my wife when she comes home from work. Thanks.

Angyal Catalina-nicoleta 5 years ago - 30 March 2014 14:06

Re: Pork stew

super flour recipe worth trying.

dobre claudiu 5 years ago - 14 May 2014 13:54

Re: Super pork stew stew

elena 5 years ago - 1 July 2014 22:52

Re: Pork stew

iza 5 years ago - 29 July 2014 14:05

Re: Pork stew

right now I'm cooking it: D will kiss you

Ioana 5 years ago - 29 July 2014 14:08

Re: Pork stew

geo 5 years ago - 7 September 2014 15:01

Re: Pork stew

Stop using tampons to feed yourself. For the pepper paste: take 2-3 peppers and put them in a blender

Ana 5 years ago - 7 September 2014 20:15

Re: Pork stew

Ioana 5 years ago - September 8, 2014 10:45

Re: Pork stew

the process is a bit longer: [link]

iasmi 5 years ago - 6 January 2015 12:58

Re: Pork stew

ValiG 4 years ago - 26 February 2015 12:27

Re: Pork stew

It goes very well if you add half a teaspoon of cumin. I put chilli flakes instead of harissa.

Roxana 4 years ago - April 28, 2015 13:10

Re: Pork stew

I just finished cooking the stew, a goodness came out. The 10+ note recipe

Miha 4 years ago - 23 July 2015 23:22

Re: Pork stew

Super good stew. I didn't know what to cook anymore and I found the pork stew recipe here. It's absolutely delicious with polenta.

Ancuta 4 years ago - 27 July 2015 17:25

Re: Pork stew

I do it too to see how it turns out that I do it differently

Ioana 4 years ago - July 28, 2015 09:02

Re: Pork stew

ancuta, I can't wait to see how you liked it.

buzan alexandra maria 4 years ago - 10 October 2015 21:26

Re: Pork stew

misu 4 years ago - 10 January 2016 09:55

Re: Pork stew

Very good recipe, it worked out for me too, but you have to be careful at the beginning, to make the dish in which we fry the meat hotter, otherwise it will boil.

Ioana 4 years ago - 11 January 2016 16:29

Re: Pork stew

yes, the pot is hot and if its diameter is too small and the meat is crowded, it is preferable to fry in turns.

Andrei 3 years ago - 16 April 2016 14:43

Re: Pork stew

Now my girlfriend and I make this stew. It is gorgeous. It smells insane and I have nothing to tell you but to make it yourself. Note 10000 +. Tomorrow we will cook potato stew with tuna. Thank you very much for the delicious recipes

Ioana 3 years ago - 16 April 2016 16:03

Re: Pork stew

Andrei, have a great appetite! I'm glad you chose my recipes for such a wonderful weekend.

laura 3 years ago - 19 April 2016 16:37

Re: Pork stew

How much water is needed in ml?

Ioana 3 years ago - 19 April 2016 16:43

Re: Pork stew

laura 3 years ago - 19 April 2016 17:09

Re: Pork stew

I have typical meat for goulash, is it ok to use it for this recipe? How much should be cooked?

Ioana 3 years ago - 19 April 2016 17:23

Re: Pork stew

so it's beef? about 2 should be boiled over low heat.
or you can put it in the oven, covered, so that no steam escapes. at 150C for about 2 hours, so you don't have to mix in it. add just enough water to perfectly cover the meat.

laura 3 years ago - 19 April 2016 17:27

Re: Pork stew

Ioana 3 years ago - 19 April 2016 17:28

Re: Pork stew

then you can use it in this recipe as it is. if the meat cubes are bigger it can take up to an hour to boil. anyway you check it all the time and until it's soft you don't take it off the fire.

laura 3 years ago - April 19, 2016 5:30 p.m.

Re: Pork stew

by the way, how do you make semolina dumplings?

Ioana 3 years ago - 19 April 2016 17:31

Re: Pork stew

here you will find precise indications: [link]
or here [link]

semolina is good to be coarser. I use this brand: [link]

laura 3 years ago - 19 April 2016 17:34

Re: Pork stew

thank you very much! I will do the second option!

laura 3 years ago - 19 April 2016 17:55

Re: Pork stew

ah, and one last question .. I have 1 kg of meat, do I double the amount of water and the rest of the ingredients?

Ioana 3 years ago - April 20, 2016 09:31

Re: Pork stew

Yes Laura, you double everything. si apa o diblezi daca folosesti o cratita, daca folosesti o oala poti pune un pic mai putina. oricum daca pui mai multa si dupa ce carnea e fiarta ti se pare prea lichida poti ridica capacul sa scada pana iti place consistenta sosului

elena acum 3 ani - 27 Iulie 2016 13:01

Re: Tocanita din carne de porc

multesc din suflet pentru reteta!e minunata!

Tania acum 3 ani - 4 August 2016 08:58

Re: Tocanita din carne de porc

Hello! Se pot pune si cativa cartofi?

Ioana acum 3 ani - 4 August 2016 09:30

Re: Tocanita din carne de porc

poti pune si cativa cartofi

Denisa acum 3 ani - 10 Septembrie 2016 09:15

Re: Tocanita din carne de porc

Azi o gatesc si eu. Thanks for the recipe! :*

Lauta acum 3 ani - 13 Noiembrie 2016 14:02

Re: Tocanita din carne de porc

Cartofi sunt adaugati odata cu ceapa si usturoiul?

Ioana acum 3 ani - 14 Noiembrie 2016 10:30

Re: Tocanita din carne de porc

Eva acum 3 ani - 15 Noiembrie 2016 22:30

Re: Tocanita din carne de porc

Ileana acum 3 ani - 11 Decembrie 2016 21:02

Re: Tocanita din carne de porc

cu ce as putea substitui pasta de ardei dulce? asa, ca pentru studenti

Ioana acum 3 ani - 12 Decembrie 2016 08:51

Re: Tocanita din carne de porc

gasesti pasta de ardei la orice supermarket: [link]

sau poti macina un ardei rosu (kapia sau gras) in robot si folosesti acea pasta.

sau folosesti pasta de rosii.

Gabi acum 2 ani - 13 Februarie 2017 13:51

Re: Tocanita din carne de porc

dorin acum 2 ani - 25 Aprilie 2017 21:00

Re: Tocanita din carne de porc

thanks for the recipe. a facut mancare mai buna ca sotia datorita tie..mi de multumiri

Ioana acum 2 ani - 26 Aprilie 2017 13:30

Re: Tocanita din carne de porc

Beatrice acum 2 ani - 19 Mai 2017 15:08

Re: Tocanita din carne de porc

Tocanita este excelenta. Noroc ca am cumparat in Romania pasta de ardei dulce (exact aceeasi) si ma tot uitam dupa ceva retete sa o folosesc toata si a venit momentul potrivit pt aceasta tocanita.Am servit-o cu mamaliguta si a fost foarte foarte apreciata de prietenul meu norvegian caruia ii place toata mancarea noastra romaneasca.
Aici,de pe site,am invatat cu adevarat sa gatesc si iti multumesc pt savuroasele retete,Ioana!

Livia acum 2 ani - 18 Octombrie 2017 19:12

Re: Tocanita din carne de porc

Maria Petre acum 2 ani - 3 Decembrie 2017 08:42

Re: Tocanita din carne de porc

Este foarte gustoasa tocsnita.

Osan Nicoleta acum un an - 8 Aprilie 2018 11:24

Re: Tocanita din carne de porc

Ce cantitati de legume ,carne si apa pot folosi la prepararea unei ciorbe a 40 de portii?

Tocanita cu ficat de porc

Tocanita cu ficat de porc recipes: how to cook tocanita cu ficat de porc si cele mai gustoase retete de ficat de porc pane, tocanita de porc, ficat de curcan cu ceapa, ficat de curcan la tigaie, tocanita de iepure cu mamaliguta, tocanita de ghebe cu ou, tocanita de rata cu cartofi, tocanita de ciuperci cu pui, tocanita cu chiftele, mazare cu coaste de porc.

Tocanita cu ficat si plaman de porc

Mancaruri cu carne 500g ficat de porc 400g plaman de porc 500g ciuperci pleurotus 4 cartofi mari 4 cepe medii 1 morcov mare 1 ardei gras 1 legatura patrunjel sare,piper bulion

Tocanita din ficat de porc

Vin 3 cepe mari 500g ficat de porc 50 ml apa 50 ml vin 3 catei de usturoi 4-5 linguri ulei sare,piper

Ficat de porc ^impaturit

Mancaruri cu carne vreo 500 gr ficat de porc, o ceapa delikat apa malai 2 ou

Ficat de porc pane

Mancaruri cu carne 400 g ficat de porc 2 oua faina de grau ulei pentru prajit sare piper

Ficat de porc impaturit

Mancaruri, Mancaruri cu carne, Craciun 500 gr ficat de porc, o ceapa delikat apa, malai 2 oua

Tocanita de ficat de vita

Mancaruri cu carne ingrediente: 1 kg ficat de vita 4 catei de usturoi curry piper sare 5 rosii marar 1/2 ceasca ulei

Ficat de porc pe grill

Mancaruri cu carne 1/2 kg ficat de porc 3 linguri ulei de masline 2 linguri vin alb piper, catei de usturoi pisat

Ficat de porc in sos de smantana

Mancaruri cu carne 300 g ficat de porc 2 cepe piper sare foaie de dafin o ceasca de apa 4 linguri smantana

Ficat De Porc Cu Sos

Ceapa mica 1/2 kg ficat de porc o ceapa mica 4 catei de usturoi 2 rosii o lingura mustar o lingurita hrean un pahar vin alb sare, patrunjel verde

Tocanita De Ficat De Vita

Mancaruri cu carne -500 g ficat -1 ceapa mare -2 lingurite boia -2 ardei mari -5 catei usturoi -2 rosii -ciuperci(cam 100 grame) -ghimbir,proaspat ras -sare piper,pasta de ardei iute(la alegere)

Tocanita cu ficat de pui si smantana

Mancaruri cu carne 500g ficat de pui 2 cepe 5 catei de usturoi 1ardei iute 200ml smantana 1 legatura frunze de patrunjel sare piper 1 lingura ulei

Ficat pane

Mancaruri, Mancaruri cu carne ficat de porc faina ou pesmet sare cimbru piper ulei pentru prajit

Ficat de porc cu cartofi pai

Mancaruri cu carne 400 g ficat de porc, 150 ml ulei, 1 ceapa mare 25g boia de ardei dulce sare piper 50 g faina, 25g pasta de tomate, cartofi

Poultry liver stew

Mancaruri cu carne 500g ficat de pui 3 cepe 1 legatura patrunjel verde 4-5 catei de usturoi 1 lingura pasta de ardei (picanta daca va place) 1 lingura pasta de rosii 200ml lapte rece 2 linguri ulei sare si pipe

Pasteta de ficat si carne

Cimbru, Nucsoara, Ienibahar 1 kg de ficat de porc/vitel/pasare 300 g de slanina proaspata carne de porc/piept de pasare 150 g de unt grasime de porc sau de pasare 2-3 cepe piper ienibahar cimbru nucsoara putin praf de cuisoare sare coniac(optional)

Pate de ficat de porc

350-400 g ficat de porc 2 cepe optional cateva ciuperci 200 g margarina (unt) 1 cub concentrat de ciuperci sare piper 1-2 lingurite ulei de masline cateva feliute de ardei rosu verde galben o feliuta de lamaie si verdeata pentru decor

Tobă de porc - rețetă tradițională

Carne de porc, Mancaruri cu carne 1 căpățână de porc rinichii inima 1/4 ficat de porc o fâșie de șorici sare piper foi de dafin 3 linguri oțet membrană pentru umplut (stomac de porc)

Ficat de porc cu cartofi natur si salata de rosii

Mancaruri, Mancaruri cu cartofi, Craciun ficat de porc 100 grame o ceapa potrivit de mare sare, piper, ulei 2 sau 3 cartofi 3 rosii o cepa mica frunze de patrunjel

Tocanita de porc cu macaroane

Mancaruri cu carne -500 gr carne porc (pentru tocanita eu asa am luat-o din magazin) -pasta de tomate -2 cepe -1 morcov -1 ardel rosu -jumatate de cubulet de pui -sare -piper -2 catei de usturoi -macaroane -1 lingurita boia dulce -1 lingura faina

Tocanita de ficat

Mancaruri cu carne 500 grame ficat de vitel 2 rosii 1 ceapa 2 catei usturoi 100 grame sunca( salam cu sunca) 100 ml supa de pui sau vita 100 ml vin rosu ulei sare piper maghiran

Meat dishes -250g lamb entrails (kidney, heart, liver) -500g chicken liver -500gpork liver -8 eggs -m ground pepper -vegetie-garlic, onion, green dill

Sufleu de ficat

Aperitive, Aperitive cu carne 500 g ficat de porc 6 oua 100 g faina 150 g unt 350 ml lapte 50 g cascaval sare piper patrunjel verde

Pate de casa din ficat

Apa 500 g ficat de porc sau in amestec cu ficatei de pui 1 ceapa 1 legatura patrunjel verde 2-3 oua 2 linguri pasta de gogosari sare piper proaspat macinat

Pork liver with sage and red wine

Meat dishes a cup of olive oil 700 gr pork liver (or chicken with pipettes and hearts) 4-5 cloves of garlic a few sage leaves half a glass of red wine 3 tablespoons broth salt pepper

Pate de ficat de porc si telina

Ceapa rosie, Telina, Apa 300-350 g ficat de porc 50 g telina 1 ceapa rosie 1 ceapa alba 3-4 fire ceapa verde cateva fire de patrunjel 1 ou fiert 4 linguri ulei 100 g unt (margarina) sare piper dupa gust

Salata cu ficat de porc cu oua de prepelita

Salate 200 g ficat de porc o jumatate ceapa 2 catei de usturoi o foaie de dafin piper o jumatate de ardel rosu o jumatate de castravete proaspat 6 oua de prepelita 100 g branza topita zeama de lamaie 4-5 linguri maioneza sare piper verdeata masline.

Tochitura moldoveneasca

Mancaruri cu carne 500 gr ficat porc 500 gr rinichi porc 500 gr inima porc 500 gr carne porc macra 500 gr carnaciori de porc 1 capatana de usturoi 300 ml ulei

Ficat de porc cu ceapa

Ardei, Ardei gras, Ceapa rosie 500 gr ficat de porc 150 ml ulei 1 ceapa rosie 1 ceapa alba 1/2 ardei gras o cana apa sare piper

Cighir a la Ciobeni

Mancaruri, Mancaruri cu carne maruntaie de la o rata, inima, ranza, ficat, maruntaie de gaina sau cocos, dupa caz, - inima, ranza, ficat maruntaie de iepure - inima, plaman, ficat, maruntaie de porc - inima, ficat (cam 500gr), plaman, rinichi ceapa - 2 buc oua - 4 buc fierte.

Toba de casa din carne de porc

Aperitive, Aperitive cu carne, Craciun una capatana de porc, una buc inimina, 2-3 picioare porc, 3-4 urechi, sorici, ficat, rinichi, putina gresime, piper (boabe), foi de dafin, un morcov (mare), doua cepe, o burta de porc.

Pate de ficat de pui făcut în casă

Mancaruri cu carne, Carne de pui 500 g ficat (pui, porc sau vită) 75 g unt 300 ml lapte 2 cepe 2 căței de usturoi sare piper cimbru

Placinta aperitiv cu franjuri

200 gr ficat de porc 200gr limba de porc 200gr rinichi de porc ceapa,usturoi,marar verde 3oua ulei foi de placinta sare faina

Ficat cu ceapa

Mancaruri, Mancaruri cu carne ficat de porc ceapa ulei sos: rozmarin, ulei de masline, otet balsamic, sare si piper

Sot'e de ficat

Mancaruri cu carne 500 g ficat de porc ulei pentru prajit 4 linguri cu bulion sare si piper macinat dupa gust cateva boabe de piper cateva foi de dafin 1 morcov. portii: 4.

Toba in stomac de porc

toba in stomac de porc ingrediente -500gr de rinichi -500gr inimi -5oogr ficat -500gr limba -500gr carne cu soric -o jumatate de cap de porc -piper,sare,foi de dafin toate ingredientele sint de porc.

Tochitura ca la Focsani

Mancaruri cu carne 300 g pulpa porc 3 felii sunca 200 ficat porc 2 cepe 5-6 ciuperci 4 catei usturoi sare pier cimbru si 150 ml suc rosii.

Pateu de ficat Gabriella

Aperitive, Aperitive cu carne 1 kg ficat de porc (eu am pus de vitel), 250 g sunca afumata (din neatentie am cumparat neafumata, a fost bun si asa), 120 g unt, 90 g faina, ½ l supa, 1 ceapa, 2 oua (am pus 3, medii), sare, piper.

Ficat in stil Venetian

pentru doua persoane: - ficat de vita sau de porc 300 gr - ceapa alba - e mai dulce - 2 buc. medii - ulei de masline sau de fl. soarelui ptr. prajit - unt 30 gr - otet 2 linguri - sare piper dupa gust - patrunjel proaspat

Murseddu (placinta italiana cu carne)

Mancaruri, Mancaruri cu carne pentru aluatul de placinta: 10g drojdie proaspata 250g faina un varf de sare pentru umplutura: 250g carne porc (de la gat) 150g ficat de porc 150g ficat de vitel 150g maruntaie 4lg pasta de rosii 2lg ung 1 peperoncini 1 ceapa 2 catei de usturoi.

Ficat prajit cu ciuperci champignon

Ardei, Ardei rosu, Pui ingrediente 4 persoane: 500 g ficat de porc (vitel pui) 150 g ciuperci champignon 1 capatana usturoi 4 linguri faina 200 ml ulei pentru prajit 1/4 ardei rosu sare piper

Tocanita de ficatei de pui

Mancaruri cu carne 500 g ficat de pui 1-2 rosii 1/2 ardei gras 2=3 cepe mici verzi o legatura patrunjel verde ulei sare piper.

Tocanita acra,reteta traditionala

Mancaruri cu carne 7-8 buc carnat de porc 7-8 buc costite de porc 200 gr carne de picior afumat de porc o sticla de bulion de casa(cam 400ml) o lingura de faina ulei pt prajit sare,piper

Drob de Craciun

-500 g carne porc(impanata cu grasime) -1 kg ficat de porc -6 bucati carnati afumati -5-6 catei usturoi -2 cepe -5 oua -putin ulei -1 lingura faina 1 paharel coniac -marar,patrunjel -sare,piper

Tocanita De Cartofi Cu Carne

Mancaruri cu carne se poate folosi carne de porc,costita,cap de piept slanina,bacon,carnati proaspeti sau afumati,carne de pasare. eu am folosit pentru aceasta tocanita pulpe de pui. 1/2 kg cartofi 2 cepe 3-4 rosii suc de rosii sau pasta de tomate 2 buc ardei gras.

Pork stew

Mancaruri cu carne 1 bucata carne de porc 2 cepe potrivite 1 legatura patrunjel 1 capatana usturoi 2-3 linguri ulei 1-2 linguri bulion 1 lingura chili putin delikat

Tochitură de porc simplă și delicioasă

Carne de porc, Mancaruri cu carne, Mancaruri 400 g carne de porc (pulpă) 100 g ficat 300 g cârnați afumați sare piper 2 căței de usturoi foi de dafin 1/2 linguriță paprika 2 linguri de untură un pahar de vin 4 linguri bulion

Tocanita taraneasca de porc cu ciuperci si pita de casa.

Mancaruri cu carne pentru ca este primavara si pietele abunda de ceapa si usturoi verde va prezint in cele ce urmeaza o delicioasa tocanita pregatita cu aceste minunate verdeturi pline de vitamine. 1,5 kg pulpa porc taiata cuburi 500 gr ciuperci 2 cartofi 2 legaturi.

Drob de porc

Preparate de Paste, Aperitive, Craciun maruntaie de porc ( ficat, limba, inima), 3 oua crude, 3 cepe, patrunjel verde, marar, o capatana de usturoi, 1 cutie de smantana, sare, piper, cimbru, ulei, unt pentru uns tava.

Drob de porc

Retete de Pasti, Mancaruri cu carne maruntaie de porc ( ficat limba inima) 3 oua crude 3 cepe patrunjel verde marar o capatana de usturoi 1 cutie de smantana sare piper cimbru ulei unt pentru uns tava

Toba (moatza)

Aperitive, Aperitive cu carne, Craciun 2 stomace de porc, 1 intestin de porc, carne de pe capul porcului, gusa, jumatate de ficat, 4 rinichi, 2 inimi, 1 limba de porc si 1 limba de vitel cu sare, piper boabe si foi de dafin.

  • 4-5 bucati de carne de pui
  • 500-600 g ardei capia rosii
  • 3-4 tablespoons of oil
  • 1 large onion
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 400 g rosii proaspete sau din conserva
  • un varf de lingurita de zahar
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • a bay leaf
  • dill or parsley
  • 600 ml supa de pui (de legume sau apa )

Mai intai coacem ardeii.Ii spalam si uscam apoi ii coacem.Eu ii coc pe aragaz intr-o tigaie groasa dar puteti sa-i coaceti si pe gratar sau in cuptor.

Dupa coacere ii transferam intr-un bol,presaram sare mare si ii lasam acoperiti o jumatate de ora,astfel se vor inmuia si se pot decoji foarte usor.

Intre timp rumenim bucatile de carne in ulei si le scoatem apoi pe o farfurie.In acelasi ulei calim ceapa tocata pana se inmoaie usor si devine translucida.Punem carnea inapoi,adaugam supa,sare dupa gust ,acoperim vasul si fierbem pana cand carnea este aproape gatita.

Curatam si tocam ardeii copti.

Adaugam rosiile decojite si tocate cubulete (sau conserva de rosii ),cateii de usturoi tocati marunt,ardeii copti,foaia de dafin,zaharul,sare si piper dupa gust.

Continuam fierberea pana cand tocanita capata consistenta.Stingem focul , adaugam verdeata tocata si mancarica este gata.

Mancati-o calda alaturi de garnitura preferata.Pofta buna !

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Tocanita miel ardeleneasca recipes: how to cook tocanita miel ardeleneasca si cele mai gustoase retete de tocanita de ciuperci ardeleneasca, ciorba ardeleneasca, ciorba taraneasca ardeleneasca, ciorba de pui ardeleneasca, ciorba de burta ardeleneasca, reteta ciorba de burta ardeleneasca, tocanita, tocanita cu chiftele, tocanita de rata, tocanita de plamani.

Tocanita de miel

Mancaruri cu carne 700 g costite de miel 2 cepe 3 fire ceapa verde 2 linguri pasta de ardei patrunjel verde sare piper ulei

Tocanita de miel

Mancaruri cu carne 5-6 bucati carne de miel 1 morcov dat pe razatoare 1 ceapa tocata 50 gr smantana 20 gr faina sare piper patrunjel tocat

Tocanita de miel cu cartofi

Retete de Pasti, Mancaruri cu carne * 500-700 g carne de miel frageda * 10 cartofi * 3 cepe mari * sare * piper * 1 lingurita boia dulce

Tocanita De Miel Cu Cartofi Si Rozmarin

Mancaruri cu carne, Mancare gatita 4 buc muschi de miel 500g cartofi ulei de masline 3 catei de usuroi 2 cepe rosii 3 fire de rozmarin 200g kale 1 1/2 linguri otet balsamic felii de lamaie

Friptura de miel

Miel 1 pulpa de miel condimente pt miel(mix cumparat) 6 catei usturoi(3 la impanat 3 la sfarsitul prepararii) ulei de palmier patrunjel verde.

Tocanita de maruntaie de miel

Mancaruri cu carne -1kg de maruntaie de miel (cantitatea totala fiind de 2kg am folosit doar jumatate din: plamâni splina ficat rinichi si inima). -150 g de grasime de miel (sau oaie ) -3-4 cepe mari tocate marunt -1 ardei gras taiat marunt -1 ardei iute taiat.

Friptura de miel la tava

Miel 2 pulpe de miel 1 lingurita piper 1 lingurita boia 1 lingurita cimbru uscat 2 lingurite usturoi granulat 1 lingurita patrunjel tocat 3 lingurite condimente pentru miel 5 linguri ulei 1 pahar vin alb 4-5 foi de dafin

Tocanita de ceapa cu pasta de gogosari in blid de mamaliga

Mancaruri cu legume si zarzavaturi, Retete de post in perioadele de post in criza de timp sau orice altfel de criza una din mancarurile salvatoare este tocanita de ceapa in diferite variante. ori ca gatesc acest fel de mancare cu rosii si il numesc simplu tocanita de ceapa sau cu mai multe.

Lamb tripe

Preparate de Paste, Aperitive organe de miel ceapa verdeata oua prapurul de la miel

Tocanita de miel

Retete de Pasti, Mancaruri cu carne 800 g carne de miel(coaste) 1 ceapa uscata(de asta toamna) 1 legatura ceapa verde 1 legatura patrunjel verde 50 ml ulei de palmier(nu folosesc de prea multa vreme acest ulei dar sunt foarte multumita desigur se poate folosi si ulei obisnuit) 2.

Placinta Ciobanului, Un Preparat Clasic Englezesc, Cu Carne De Miel Si Cartofi

Mancaruri cu carne, Tocanita 450g cartofi, taiati cubulete 1/4 cana lapte degresat 2 linguri unt 1/2 lingurita sare 1/2 lingurita piper 1 lingura ulei de masline 450g carne tocata de miel 1 ceapa, taiata marunt 2 cani morcovi, taiati 3 linguri faina 1 lingura oregano 400ml.

Frigarui de miel

Mancaruri, Mancaruri cu carne pulpa de miel afumata coasta de miel carnacior de oaie afumat si picant rosii ceapa masline

Pulpa de miel la cuptor

Miel -1pulpa de miel -1lingurita piper -1lingurita sare -2 legaturi usturoi verde -1pahar ulei -1pahar vin alb -5-6felii sunculita bacon

Pulpă de miel cu cartofi noi, la cuptor

Fripturi, Carne de miel pulpă de miel 1/2 pahar ulei de măsline 1 lingură rozmarin 2 căței de usturoi 1 kg cartofi noi 250 ml supă de vită sau de miel un pahar de vin roșu 2 lingurițe făină sare piper

Friptura de miel

Mancaruri, Fripturi o bucata de carne de miel, 3-4 catei de usturoi, condiment pentru miel si oaie, cateva bucatele de slanina, un pahar de vin, o cescuta de apa cescuta de ulei

Lamb stew

Lamb, Main course, Meat dishes 1.3 kg lamb leg with bone, cut into large pieces 2 tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons lamb spices 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 large onions, sliced ​​2 cloves garlic, crushed 500g small carrots, grated 1kg new potatoes 3 tablespoons tomato paste.

Lamb stew - the original recipe

Drob, Appetizers, Lamb organs from a lamb (liver, heart, kidneys, lungs) 400 g green onions and garlic 300 g dill and green parsley 6 eggs salt pepper oil vinegar

Friptura pentru Paste

Pui, Pulpe pui, Miel 5 pulpe pui 2 pulpe miel 2 legaturi usturoi verde sare,piper,boia,3 rosi,condimente pentru friptura de miel din comert 1 pahar vin alb 2 cani apa 5 linguri ulei

Drob De Miel

Apa -maruntaiele(fara rinichi),cam 750 grame de la un miel de cca 6-8 kg(gata taiat) -250 grame carne macra de miel -1 ceapa mare -100 g franzela -3 oua(crude) -5-6 bucati ceapa verde -sare -piper,ienibahar,tarhon,marar

Pastrama de miel la cuptor cu vatra

Retete de Pasti, Mancaruri cu carne 1 kg pastrama de miel 1 pahar de vin rosu jumate de pahar ulei condimente pentru miel piper,sare usturoi granulat

Miel umplut

Oregano, Rozmarin, Pui o jumatate de miel cu gat si pulpa superioara organele de la un miel intreg 300 g ficat de pasare 4 oua 2 cepe 5 catei mari de usturoi 1 legatura marar verde 1 legatura patrunjel verde 2 legatura ceapa verde 2 legaturi usturoi verde 200 ml vin.

Tocanita ardeleneasca cu ciuperci si smantana

Mancaruri, Mancaruri cu ciuperci pentru 4 portii: 1 kg de ciuperci champignons – se pot folosi si ciuperci de padure, pleurotus, etc 1 ceapa medie 150 ml smantana – eu am folosit o smantana groasa, de tara, foarte buna 4-5 catei de usturoi 2-3 linguri de faina 1 legatura de marar.

Stufat de miel

Carne de miel, Mancaruri cu carne, Fripturi 1 kg carne de miel 8 legături ceapă verde 8 legături usturoi verde 4 linguri pastă de tomate 1 pahar vin ulei sare piper 2 linguri făină 2 foi de dafin oțet

Pilaf De Miel

Fel principal, Miel, Mancaruri cu carne 1 lingura ulei vegetal 1 ceapa 400g carne de miel, taiata cubulete 1 lingura chimen 1 lingura coriandru 1 lingurita scortisoara 1 lingurita cardamom 200g orez basmati fulgi de chilli 350-400ml supa de pui 150g stafide coriandru proaspat

Lamb tripe

Boiled eggs, Lamb for a drob we need: 1.5 kg organs lamb lamb 2 links green onion 1 link dill 1 link parsley 3 raw eggs boiled quail eggs 3 boiled eggs 100 ml salt pepper oil

Miel umplut

Ceapa verde, Apa, Vin o jumatate de miel 8 oua fierte tari 15 oua crude jumatate din maruntaiele de la miel ceapa verde patrunjel verde sare piper paine veche de trei zile 3 linguri untura vin de casa

Ciorba de miel cu macris

Preparate de Paste, Ciorbe un cap de miel coada de miel 2 morcovi 2 radacini de patrunjel o ceapa mijlocie 5-6 gramajoare de macris sau de podbal 2 linguri faina un ou 400-500 ml smantana o legatura marar verde o legatura patrunjel verde zeama de lamaie dupa gust

Pulpa De Miel Gatit Lent Cu Fenicul Si Vin

Fripturi, Miel, Mancaruri cu carne 2.5 kg pulpa de miel 400ml supa de pui 100ml vin alb sec 3 bulbi de fenicul, feliate in strat gros 2 cepe, taiate felii 2 lingurite de seminte de fenicul 200ml vin rosu

Chifteluțe de miel cu mentă

Carne de miel, Carne tocata, Mancaruri cu carne 500 g carne tocată de miel 1 ceapă 2 căței de usturoi 2 lingurițe chimion 1 linguriță chilli 2 linguri mentă tocată 1 lingură pătrunjel sare piper 2 linguri făină ulei pentru prăjit

Friptura inabusita de miel

Mancaruri, Fripturi 800g carne de miel cu sau fara os100ml ulei50g morcovi50g telina radacina25g ceapa20g usturoisare si piper dupa gust

Miel la cuptor

Preparate de Paste, Mancaruri 1 kg carne de miel 400g cartofi 200g ceapa 2 lingurite oregano sare, piper 4 lg ulei de masline

Lamb tripe

maruntaie de miel (rinichi,ficat,inima) (eu am folosit inima de vita),ceapa verde (o legatura serioasa),usturoi verde o legatura,200-300grame carne tocata (o mana),patru oua,o cutie de pate de ficat,trei oua fierte,o legatura de marar,proapar de.

Pulpa de miel la cuptor

Cimbru, Coriandru, Vin 1 pulpa de miel de 1,5 kg 300 ml vin 300 ml apa condimente pentru miel sau pentru carnati (piper alb negru coriandru ceapa cimbru sare s.a.) 2 capatani de usturoi 2 rosii.

Friptura De Miel La Cuptor

Cimbru, Piper boabe, Busuioc - pulpa de miel - usturoi verde - o capatana de usturoi - piper boabe - ienibahar boabe - cimbru - oregano - busuioc - delicat - 200 ml de vin rosu - pasta de tomate

Friptura de miel coroana

Mancaruri, Mancare cu carne 1 carcasa de miel, sare, piper, ulei de masline, vin alb, usturoi, ierburi aromate (salvie, rozmarin, menta)

Ciorbă de miel pentru masa de Paște

Carne de miel, Supe de carne, Ciorbe 750 g carne de miel cu os 2 cepe 1 morcov 1/2 țelină 1 ardei gras 1 păstârnac 500 ml borș/ zeamă de varză sare piper foi de dafin 1 legătură leuștean 200 ml sos de roșii 80 g orez smântână (opțional)

Curry De Miel

Mancaruri cu carne, Fel principal, Miel 2-3 linguri ulei de floarea soarelui 1 kg pulpa de miel, cubulete 2 cepe mari, taiate in felii subtiri 2 cartofi mari, tocati 150g pasta de curry picanta 2 x 400g cutii de rosii tocate 2 x 400g cutii naut, scurs si clatit chutney de mango 2 lamai.

Friptura de miel cu ceapa si usturoi verde

Usturoi, Usturoi verde, Ceapa verde pulpa miel ceapa verde usturoi verde sare piper boia patrunjel verde ulei

Lamb tripe

Easter preparations, Appetizers organs from a lamb (liver, lungs, heart) onion 4 pcs green parsley and dill 1 link 4 eggs a little oil salt, pepper.

Friptura de miel la cuptor

*1 coasta de miel aprox 1 kg *1 cutie bere sau vin *2 fire rozmarin *1 capatina usturoi *2 foi de dafin *50 ml ulei masline *sare *piper

Friptura de miel cu garnitura de piure de cartofi

carne de miel,sare piper 2 cepe 5 catei de usturoi boia sau bulion si o cana de apa.

Miel Nihari

Miel, Mancaruri cu carne, Fel principal 150ml ulei de floarea-soarelui 4 cuisoare 3-4 pastai de cardamom 1 foaie de dafin 3 cepe mari, fin tocate 1kg pulpa de miel, taiata in bucati ghimbir proaspat ras 3 catei de usturoi, zdrobiti 1 lingura praf de ardei iute 1 1/2 lingurita turmeric.

Friptura de miel si pui la cuptor

Mancaruri, Mancaruri cu carne 1 kg cartofi 4 pulpe pui carne miel sare, condimente 200 g margarina

Miel cu masline si sos de ansoa

Mancaruri cu carne * 500 g carne de miel * 100 g masline verzi * 2 linguri ansoa maruntita * 1 lingura unt * 1 ceasca vin * 1 ceasca supa de miel * ulei de masline * cimbru verde * rozmarin verde * usturoi pisat * sos de rosii * sare piper * cus cus pentru garnitura

Mancaruri cu carne maruntaie miel:rinichi plamani ficat inima verdeturi:marar,patrunjel,ceapa verde,usturoi verde(cate 1 lgatura din fiecare) prapur de miel 2 oua fierte tari 8 oua(crude)

Drob de miel cu ceapa si usturoi

Preparate de Paste, Mancaruri plamani, rinichi, ficat, inima 300 g carne de miel fiarta un prapur de la miel, o legatura mare de ceapa verde, o legatura mare de usturoi verde, 2 oua crude, 5 oua fierte tare, sare, piper, o ceapa mare, 5-6 catei de usturoi, o legatura patrunjel.

Pulpa de miel umpluta

Cimbru 1 pulpa miel (partea din fata cu coaste) 600 g ficat de miel sau porc 500 g ciuperci proaspete (sau 2 cutii de ciuperci - de 400 g fiecare) 1 cana orez (150-200 g) 5 oua crude 2 oua fierte tari 2 cepe mari 1 legatura ceapa verde 1 legatura.

Miel la cuptor

jumatate de carne de miel sare 1 fir de usturoi verde 1 ceasca cu apa 200 ml de suc de rosii si un cuptor bun.

Tagliata De Miel Cu Rosii Coapte

Fripturi 1 lingura de frunze de rozmarin, tocate 600g muschi de miel ulei de masline 350g rosii cherry 2 cani rucola

Stufat de miel

Mancaruri cu carne 3/4kg miel 80 fire de ceapa si usturoi 1lingura untura sau unt 1ceasca bors indoit cu apa rece si sare


  • 1,5 kg ciuperci ( cantarite dupa ce au fost curatate, spalate si scurse)
  • 1 onion
  • 3-4 linguri de ulei de masline sau floarea soarelui
  • 1/2 bell pepper
  • 1 large clove of garlic
  • 1 lingurita pasta de ardei iute ( sau 1 lingurita rasa de piper)
  • 150 g suc concentrat de rosii ( sau bulion diluat cu apa)
  • 400 ml water
  • salt to taste
  • dill or parsley


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