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Vine-Famous Christine Sydelko Gets Kitchen Utensils Tattooed on Knuckles, Doesn’t Even Like Cooking

Vine-Famous Christine Sydelko Gets Kitchen Utensils Tattooed on Knuckles, Doesn’t Even Like Cooking

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You might recognize Christine Sydelko from her fan-favorite “Merry Chrysler” Vine or even as the woman who once too closely resembled the caterpillar from A Bug’s Life. In her recent slew of comedic escapades, the 23-year-old added a permanent cutlery collection to her finger ink.

In a photo posted to Twitter — where the comic has nearly 900,000 followers — Sydelko knuckles up to show brand-new fork, spoon, spatula, and ladle tattoos.

“lol I’m an idiot,” she captioned the photo, which has been liked nearly 33,000 times.

And in a follow-up tweet she confessed, “I don’t even like cooking.”

But that won’t stop her from finishing the set.

“I got the knife last year because I thought it was funny and then I just decided to get a bunch of other utensils,” Sydelko told The Daily Meal. “I’m getting chopsticks and a whisk next.”

In a string of over 90 comments, Sydelko fans gave their stamps of approval. Actor David Arquette even chimed in with a lovely proposition.

“I wanna cook ribs for you,” he offered.

“Take me to flavor town,” Sydelko replied in true Guy Fieri fashion.

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Watch the video: Christine Sydelko Vine Compilation Best Vines of Christine Sydelko ALL VINES (July 2022).


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